Plant Ecology and Conservation Biology Research

My current research focuses on plant ecology and conservation, but I am a broadly trained biologist with strong research interests in organismal biology and ecology across taxa.

Houghton's goldenrod  (Solidago houghtonii)

Houghton's goldenrod is a narrow endemic found in calcareous habitats - like marl fens, dune systems, and shoreline alvars - in the Great Lakes Region. It's state-protected in both Michigan and New York, and federally-listed as threatened. I'm working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to evaluate its range wide stability.

p.s. It's sometimes referred to as Oligoneuron houghtonii.

Spreading globeflower (Trollius laxus)

Spreading globeflower is a globally rare and declining member of Ranunculaceae that occurs in open and forested fens. 

I'm working with Dr. Sara Scanga to update and analyze Trollius population data from Nelson Swamp Unique Area in Nelson, NY.