Teaching Philosophy

Although many people are capable of being casually good instructors, great teachers are purposeful: to that end, I prioritize student learning via attention to detail and inclusion, I use careful instructional design with clear expectations, and I cultivate student skills in scientific inquiry and critical thinking.

Current Courses

Utica College

Human Ecology (BIO 111): an ecology course for non-science majors with lecture and lab components; focused on core ecological concepts integrated with human impacts; newly- developed version of course.

Research Methods in Biology II (BIO 232): a required course for early Biology majors focused on research design and scientific writing.

Climate Change Ecology Senior Seminar (BIO 495):  SPRING 2020, seminar-style capstone course focused on discussion and writing surrounding climate change research.

Past Courses


Diversity of Life I and II (EFB 210 and 211): required biodiversity survey course, approximately 200 students per semester, with lecture and lab components. Instructor and Coordinator.